Terms & Conditions

Before ordering, please read out Terms & Conditions.


For all bespoke special occasion cakes a £20 deposit is required to secure your order, for large orders or wedding cakes a 50% deposit is required, for all brownies, cupcakes, cookies and any other treats full payment is required upon ordering.

Please note all deposits are non refundable however the date can be changed with 2 months notice.

If a deposit is not sent within 42 hours of placing your order your slot is no longer secured.

The remaining payment is due the day before collection via a bank transfer, this must be paid before collection.


If you have ANY allergies please ensure to notify us when placing your order. Please be aware we work in a bakery containing Dairy, Eggs, Nuts, Gluten (wheat) and Milk.

Although we are very careful when catering for someone with an allergy we cannot guarantee anything and there is a  high risk of cross contamination.

Cake Care

Once your cake has left our bakery it is no longer in our control and therefore we will not be held responsible for any damage that may be caused during transport. Your cake will always be completely set and boxed up appropriately for transport, you need to ensure you are handling with care, please see below some tips on how to care for your cake:

-Always hold your cake box from underneath the box and keep it flat at all times.

– Do not push on the sides of the box

– All of our cakes are butter cream cakes therefore they cannot get too hot otherwise they will melt and collapse. They Must be kept as cool as possible especially on a hot day.

– When travelling with your cake place your cake on a flat surface (e.g foot well) and put your air con on to keep the car as cool as possible.

– When you arrive home or at the venue keep the cake in the fridge and remove 1-2 hours before to allow the cake to come back to room temperature and enjoy!


When you are placing your order the date you request for is the date for collection, if you want to collect a day before the event this needs to be said when your order is being placed. We will always try to accommodate where we can but this is not always possible and collection dates cannot be changed.