The Cake Suite’s Next Chapter!

Well…this is exciting!!!
I’m so happy and delighted to say that I will be moving out of my home kitchen into this beautiful outbuilding in our garden!
My own little bakery🥺🤩
Still a lot of work to do on the inside, I will be posting updates of the whole process!
Thank you so much to anyone who had ordered from me, followed me, liked my posts, given me and my little business any kind of support. It really means the world!
Here’s to the next chapter of The Cake Suite!🥰💗

Halloween Treats 2020!

Halloween Treats!👻
The Cake Suite’s Halloween treats are now available for pre order. Please see below what we have available:
Luxury Sugar Cookies – £6.99
Includes 3 bespoke sugar cookies in windowed box 🎃
Trick or treat yo’ self kids box – £12.50
Includes personalised box, 3 bespoke sugar cookies, 2 brownies and cake jar 💀
Halloween themed cupcakes – £12
Includes 6 cupcakes👻
Cupcake/ cake jar flavours:
– vanilla
– Vanilla & jam
– Chocolate
– Lemon
– Biscoff
– Oreo
– Red velvet
Brownie flavours:
– Toffee Apple (Halloween special)
– Cinnamon & white chocolate (Halloween special)
– Marshmallow & cookies
– Triple Chocolate
– Mint aero
– Terry’s chocolate orange
– Biscoff
– Oreo
To order please message us on Facebook or Instagram or email
Limited spaces available😋

Fathers Day Treats For Delivery!

Hi Everyone,

My Fathers Day diary is now open for orders!

Treat your dad this Father’s Day, with something from The Cake Suite menu!⠀
Just because we are in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t show how much they mean to us🥰💓

🧁 box of 6 cupcakes £12⠀
🍫 Personalised Brownie Plaque £15⠀
(Choose your own message)⠀
🍰 Mini Cake £25⠀
(Choose your own message)⠀
🧁🍫🍰 Treat Table: includes 6 cupcakes, Brownie plaque and mini cake £47! (Save £5 with this option) 🙌🏻

Delivery on Sunday 21st June (Fathers Day)⠀
FREE delivery to all below postcodes:⠀
BN42 ⠀
BN43 ⠀
A fee is required for further afield deliveries 🚚 ⠀

To order please send over a message on Instagram / Facebook or email 💓
Thank you!

Rhiannon x 

Cupcake Decorating Kits!

Hello everyone,

We have lot’s of new products coming out which is very exciting! One of our new products are our ‘Cupcake Decorating Kits’. 

Here is what you get in your kit:

  • 4 cupcakes either vanilla/chocolate
  • A piping bag with vanilla frosting in
  • A pot of sprinkles
  • A pot of fondant decorations (hearts or stars 


All of this for just £14!

These kits contain everything you need to decorate your own cupcakes, perfect way to to entertain the kids or adults🤪 so much fun and you get a tasty treat and at the end of it!

Here are a couple of lovely reviews and pictures from customers:

Amazing cakes and great fun to decorate will be getting again soon! I also bought a box as a gift for a friend who loved it!” 

“The cake decorating kits were so much fun and went down a treat for Grandads birthday! Thank you so much!” 


Some Good News!!

Hello everyone,

So I have some good news… The Cake Suite is now open again for orders, but with some slight temporary changes to ensure the safety to all my customers and myself which is the most important thing at the moment.

It will be deliveries only, all orders will be left on your door step just like how your local postman is operating. I will be wearing gloves and hand sanitising inbetween all deliveries to ensure the highest safety precautions are taking place.

I will only be able to do a limited amount of orders due to delays with ingredients/supplies being out of stock with my normal suppliers. But if you have any queries then please do get in touch to ask via messenger or email and I will do my very best to accommodate!☺️

In addition I will be offering a weekly treat delivery service starting from Friday 8th May. Friday will be the day of delivery. Every week I will be releasing the menu to show what I have available for each week again this will be delivery and limited numbers only.

I hope you are all staying safe and doing well during this time. Again if you have any questions please do get in touch. ☺️🙌🏻❤️

How to order a bespoke cake with The Cake Suite

Hello everyone and welcome back!

I hope everyone is doing well during this uncertain time and staying safe at home with loved ones.

So today I will be talking you through how to order a bespoke cake, cupcakes, brownies, or anything off our menu for that matter. All it takes is one message to receive a quick response price quote from me, all you need to do is make sure you have the right details in your message which I will talk through below to help you receive a price quote quickly and with no hassle!

Step 1 = How many servings/size of your cake                                                               Step one is for you to let me know how big you need your cake to be or how many people you need it to feed. I offer my cakes in three different sizes before going onto tiered cakes, and each cake will have 3 layers of our delicious sponge. Please see our sizes below and how many they will serve:                                                                                                                                                    6″ cake =  Approximately  8-12 servings                                                                            8″ cake = Approximately 16-20  servings                                                                          10″ Cake = Approximately 25-27 servings                                                                        You can see our prices page for a starting price on each of these sizes. If you need a cake to serve more than 27 people then don’t worry because we can move onto tiered cakes which can feed a lot more people!

Step 2 = Flavour and other special dietary requirements                                          Step 2 is to pick your flavour, aka the most important step! I have a list of all our flavours available to pick from on our website. We also cater for vegan, egg less and gluten free (Our kitchen is not a gluten free). There is a list of flavours to pick for your sponge and then a list of different buttercream filling options so you can mix & match. If you have any specific requests regarding flavours then please do get in touch as I aim likely to be able to cater to other flavours upon request.  

Step 3 = Design/ideas                                                                                                                  Step three is to select your design, now this is the most difficult part for decision making and can be very overwhelming. There are a few different ways you can go about when deciding on a design, you can either find a picture of something you like on Google/Pinterest/Instagram or our gallery and we can create something along them lines/similar or you can describe a design you may have in your head or lastly you can give me some ideas or thoughts and I am more than happy to design something unique for your requirements.

Step 4 = Collection date                                                                                                              Step four and the last step is for you to supply me with the date of your celebration or event so we can arrange a collection date & time and make sure I have availability to do your cake. Delivery is available only for weddings, corporate or big orders with an additional charge. I always suggest to my customers to collect their cake the afternoon or evening before their event or celebration.

These are the 4 easy steps to go through to order your special bespoke celebration cake and to get a quick response with a price quite from me.

Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to reopen again when it is safe to do so and create beautiful cakes for all my lovely customers.

Stay safe,

Rhiannon x

Supermarket bought celebration cakes vs Bespoke made to order celebration cakes!

Hi everyone,

So today I have decided to talk about the differences between a supermarket bought celebration cake vs a bespoke cake made by a cake business like me! So the first difference which I think is the most obvious one is that a supermarket cake is a much cheaper and a more affordable option but there are many reasons as to why this is. A bespoke cake made by a professional cake maker are more expensive and again there are many reasons as to why this is!

Let’s discuss these reasons….

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a supermarket cake, they are cheap and do the job which is great because then everyone can have access to buying a birthday cake! Supermarket cakes are priced roughly between £12-£14 and the reason they are able to do this is because they are mass produced cakes, made in big factories making the same designs over and over again which makes the job a lot quicker and a lot easier! When you are ordering from a professional cake maker you are talking to an actual person who is ensuring every detail you would like is possible for your cake, to make your celebration that little bit more special! Every cake we as cake makers make is a piece of art, it’s using skills we have mastered over years of practice, making each individual customer feel special and adding all those personalised touches whether that may be adding a name or adding that extra detail of a handmade model of your pet dog sitting on top of your cake.  Every cake made by a professional cake maker is unique and personal to the customer. The point is when your ordering from a cake business you have someone using their skills, time and putting in a lot of care and love into creating your special cake for you.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on a supermarket celebration cake before? You might not want to! Here is a picture of the ingredients, look how many there are! Including a lot of preservatives as they are made to sit on the shelves for weeks, there are some pretty nasty chemicals in there too! Below is the ingredients for this cake just so you can see what i’m getting at here. Also have you noticed in the buttercream icing there is no butter?!

I use roughly between 5-7 fresh, good quality ingredients in my cakes depending on what the flavour is. My cakes are made fresh for my customers and everything is handmade added with a whole lot of love.

Now onto appearance, these mass produced supermarket cakes are made to light up a child’s eye with them presenting us with current popular themes such as, Frozen, Paw patrol and unicorns. But if you look properly at any of these you will see the presentation really is no where near the standards of a bespoke celebration cake made by your local professional cake maker. Which for some people is absolutely fine and isn’t a problem as it does the job, which is true it does the job completely. But these are just some of the reasons why they are cheaper than a bespoke cake made to order. Professional cake makers will spend hours decorating your cake to make it bespoke using expensive high quality equipment to decorate your cake to ensure the presentation is a the highest standard possible. All of our decorations will be edible and handmade where as some of the supermarket cakes will have cheap bit’s on plastic on like a tiara on a princess cake for example. As a bonus you are supporting a local independent business which is great! 🙂 

Bespoke Custom made cake:                               Supermarket Cake:

Lastly onto taste, they are dry you can even guess this just by looking at the Ingredients I can already tell that these cakes aren’t made fresh, they tend to have a minimal amount of filling in between each layer of sponge with not so much flavour. They are made to be stocked on shelves for weeks and still be edible therefore I can very much imagine they would be fairly dry and tasteless in comparison to a professional cake makers cake where the cake would be freshly baked, with fluffy sponge and generous amounts of silky icing in between each layer of delicious sponge.

I hope this has been interesting to you and has given you more of an understanding of the difference between the two as you can see there are a lot of differences. Of course there is no right or wrong, it’s a preference at the end of the day.

Just always remember when ordering from a cake business:
'It's not just a cake, it's a piece of art'

Thank you for reading,
Rhiannon 🙂 x

Meet The Baker!

Hi everyone!
I have never really introduced myself on any of my social media pages, so with everything going on and not having much cakey content to post I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to introduce myself properly!😊








My name is Rhiannon,I’m 20 years old, born and bred in Brighton! I am the owner of The Cake Suite Co & Brownies To My Door and I work part time as a barista at The Werks Group🙌🏻 I got my cake passion from working in a shop where we sold lot’s of cakey equipment which made me curious so wanted to give it a go myself. After lot’s of cake fails and encouragement from family and friends I started to really get the hang of it which led me to start up my business. I launched my ‘baby’ aka my cake business in November 2017 and Brownies To My Door earlier this year. Now I don’t think a day passes where I don’t think about cake🤔🤣 I live with my mum,dad, sister and boyfriend and in my spare time I love to Irish dance, shop, and watch Netflix🍀💁🏻‍♀️ My absolute DREAM is to one day have a shop for my little business🤩
Tell me something in the comments about you!💖

Hope everyone is well and staying safe,

Rhiannon x

Covid-19 and We have a Youtube channel?!

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in this uncertain time, sadly due to the restrictions put in place by our government I am temporarily closed and won’t be taking any orders for the time being until this is all over and it is safe to reopen. 

However on the other hand….

I am so excited to be announcing that The Cake Suite Co now has a youtube channel!! I am so excited to get stuck in,  I will be uploading weekly cakey content from cakes to cupcakes to cake jars to brownies to cookies and lot’s more! I will be sharing my top tips on how to achieve different techniques with both buttercream and fondant! I have uploaded my first video and would love for you to head over to my channel and check it out, give it a like, comment to let me know what you would like to see and subscribe if you would like to see more. 

Thank you!

Rhiannon x

UK Postal Brownies Now Available!

I am very excited and Proud to be announcing that The Cake Suite Co are now also Trading as Brownies To My Door.  Brownies To My Door is now open for orders! We are an online brownie service where you can order delicious brownies straight to your door in 100% eco friendly packaging specifically designed to fit through your letterbox! We deliver to anywhere in the UK!

This is a really exciting and new venture which I’ve worked extremely hard on, making sure the branding was exactly what i had envisioned, perfecting my recipes, building a new website and coming up with secure yet appealing and 100% recyclable packaging which was a very important aspect to me! To order yours straight to your door head over to Brownies To My Door.

To find more out about this exciting delivery service please head over to our Website, Instagram and Facebook page. 🙂